By means of electrodes implanted into the brain of a paralyzed man, scientists say that they may be on the brink of translating his thoughts into words.

These electrodes have been recording pulses in areas of the brain known to be speech-related.

Excerpt from BBC News:

Although the data is still being analyzed, researchers at Boston University believe they can correctly identify the sound Mr. Ramsay’s brain is imagining some 80% of the time.

Before you get worked up over the idea:

There is a huge difference between a technique like this, which is able to pick up signals the subject wants to be picked up, and being able to delve deep into the mind,” says Professor John Dylan Haynes of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

The team hopes to achieve conversation one day, though they admittedly are still “pretty far” from that.

What is your opinion about controlling a computer via thoughts?