It lives — struggling along with a bad limp and only one thing on its mind — brains. Will anyone be able to stop the zombie-like progress of SCO?

The shotgun blast that Novell fired to prove it still owned the Unix copyright was not enough. Less than a year and $100 million later, SCO is back to trudge over the *nix landscape once more.

Also this week we learned a little about Sun’s motivation for buying MySQL AB. The idea is that MySQL can be used as an icebreaker to sell Sun’s hardware.

We wrapped up our interview series with Linus Torvalds as he discussed using C and how he deals with corporate employees working for the kernel project.

We also interviewed Mitch Kapor, the person who founded Lotus, this week and a demonstration of a pong game made using a Wiimote and some chapsticks was shown in this week’s Club Builder.

Google has updated its Android SDK with a new user interface and a slew of new features, yet it still remains without the ability to properly detect incoming call numbers.

Yahoo has decided to play hard to get and has rejected Microsoft’s first offer. It still looks as though Yahoo will end up with a new parent company, the question is just who.