Screw-ups, Mobile Linux shakeup and kthxbai Bill

The Roundup looks at where Sun went wrong with open source, what is happening in the Mobile Linux world and look at the departure of Bill Gates from full time work duties.

Without doubt, the most popular story of this week on Builder AU was Sun's admission that they "screwed up" their open source relations back in 2001/2002. The argument that Sun makes is that by open sourcing Solaris and Java, that they are making amends for past wrongs. Some of the talkback disagreed and pointed out Sun's involvement with SCO in the past.

Up in Redmond there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth as Bill Gates departs from full time Microsoft duties. In this Q&A, Gates looks back at his 30 years at the helm, and Club Builder served up a reminder of whose hands the fate of the company is in.

The world of operating systems for mobile phones was shaking up this week with Nokia's announcement of the purchase and subsequent open sourcing of Symbian. Then today came news that the two Linux mobile standards groups, LiPS and LiMo, will be merged together within LiMo.

Brace yourself, the Internet is about to turn stupid -- sorry, I mean more stupid. With ICANN voting to allow the creation of new domain names such as .paris and .Pepsi, domain silly season is going to start afresh.