I’m sure many of you remember the good ol’ MS-DOS days of running applications from the C: prompt, searching for files using the DIR command, and copying data from drive A: to drive B: with DISKCOPY. While most end users weep not for DOS’s passing, many IT professionals still recognize the usefulness of this venerable operating system. But this latest report from the Technical Q&A shows you just how challenging finding commands for MS-DOS can be.

Just for you DOS junkies

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“Open sesame” for your CD-ROM
TechRepublic member gary.mott is searching for an MS-DOS command that will tell his CD-ROM drive to eject the disc inside. He wrote, “I would like to add a step in a DOS batch job to eject a CD automatically. Could someone please tell me the command, if there is one?”

Member soulrider offered this quick response, “There is a command in the following, OPEN.EXE (not part of MS-DOS). It gets installed when you install the CD-ROM driver for MS-DOS, in the folder C:\SBCD. It will be on the floppy that accompanies the CD-ROM. It may be that you will need to download a utility to accomplish this.”

He suggested checking out the following Web sites:

An Internet investigation
DKlippert answered in kind, describing the difficulty of finding such a command. “Boy! This was harder to find than I thought. There is no direct DOS command, but there are some add-ins that will do the job.“ Like the previous member, DKlippert suggested searching the Internet. “Take a look at CMDtools.com. Near the bottom of the page is a file, Eject.zip, which may be what you need.”

Spyperdog pointed our user towards another site that may provide relief. “Have a look here: Computer Hope.com.” Will this Web page be true to its name and contain the elusive DOS command?

Calling all DOS gurus
So far, it appears gary.mott hasn’t found exactly what he’s looking for. That is why we need your help. Are you a DOS expert and know of a relevant command? Do you possess the magic word that will open a CD-ROM drive? If so, don’t just sit there. Post a comment to this article and share your knowledge. Or visit our Technical Q&A and show off your IT acumen.