Searching for objects (users, computers, printers, etc.) on a Windows 2000 Server network is very easy and fast. You can search for objects from the Active Directory Users And Computers console (Start | Programs | Administrative Tools) by right-clicking the domain and selecting Find or by clicking the Find Objects In Active Directory icon on the Console toolbar.

Users who don’t have access to the Active Directory Users And Computers console can still search the Global Catalog from My Network Places by opening Entire Network | Directory, right-clicking the domain, and selecting Find. They’ll be presented with the same Search dialog that you see as an administrator.

Quicker access to this window can be achieved by creating a shortcut to the domain on the desktop. Just use the right mouse button to select the domain (via My Network Places | Entire Network | Directory) and drag it to the desktop, selecting Create Shortcut(s) Here. You can then search the Global Catalog by right-clicking this shortcut and selecting Find.

Another fast way to search the Global Catalog is to go to Start | Run and type rundll32 dsquery,OpenQueryWindow in the Run box. You can also create a shortcut on the desktop with this command.

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