See current client connections in Windows 2000 Professional

Who's on your system? Here's what you need to know about the Computer Management Console, which can help you find out who is connected to your Windows 2000 Professional system via shared folders.

If you work in a networked environment and other users access resources on your computer, you might occasionally need to determine who is currently connected to your system. For example, you may need to shut down or restart your computer, but before doing so determine if any other users have files open. In Windows NT, you'd view connections through the Server object in the Control Panel. In Windows 2000, however, you'll use the Computer Management console. Right-click My Computer and choose Manage to open the console, then open the Shared Folders branch.

The Shares branch gives you a quick overview of the folders shared on your system. You'll probably notice several folders with a $ symbol at the end; these folders are the administrative shares automatically created by Windows 2000. You can add and remove shares here as well as broadcast a console message to other network users.

The Sessions branch shows current connections and connection status such as the number of open files. You can use this branch to disconnect users if necessary. The Open Files branch lists files opened by other users and enables you to close them if necessary. You can close files individually or close all. (Of course, common courtesy would dictate that you inform users of your intention to disconnect them or close files they're working on before you actually do so.)

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