The TechRepublic Linux and Open Source blog has been talking about the ASUS Eee 901 ultra-portable personal computer lately because it ships with a version of Linux. The general consensus seems to be that the Eee is good for some specific tasks, but there are limitations. However, the real question is what the heck is inside one of these small devices. With that in mind, we offer “Cracking Open the ASUS Eee 901 20G ultra-portable.”

ASUS engineers have done a marvelous job of getting some powerful components organized and functioning inside a very small case. The result is a compact, yet robust, personal computer that can perform most general tasks reasonably well. The sophistication of the device’s layout and design show that great care went into its manufacture.

While power users will find the ASUS Eee’s limitations to be frustrating, they can still appreciate the engineering prowess that went into the design as revealed in the TechRepublic Cracking Open Photo Gallery