This is a guest post from Larry Dignan. You can read the original article on Larry’s blog Between the Lines on TechRepublic’s sister site ZDNet.

Segway on Tuesday unveiled a social site where it customers can get together and share tips, places and photos. Finally, a place where mall security guards can connect online. segway.png

Disclosure: Mall security–and the occasional cop–is the only place where I’ve seen Segways in the wild. Maybe it’s an East Coast thing, but it’s not like folks are using their Segways to get around the Big Apple. Of course, there’s a good reason for that: People on Segways would get run over on the streets and clotheslined by folks speedwalking on sidewalks.

But I digress. Segway is hoping to use the social site to keep customers happy and hopefully land a few converts. One thing to watch: How many people sign up on Segway Social. While Segway looks at its social site as a customer service and marketing tool I’ll be looking at it as an indicator of future demand.