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Select the right systems analyst with our IT Hiring Kit

The IT Hiring Kit: Systems Analyst provides tools to help hiring managers choose the best analyst for their enterprise. The tools include a detailed job description, specific role-related interview questions, and a candidate assessment sheet.

IT professionals specializing in enterprise systems make up a key element of any organization's tech staff. Not only must they thoroughly understand enterprise computing systems, but they also must possess a wide range of skills and expertise, and stay cool under fire when a crisis occurs.

To help you hire the best people for these critical systems analyst spots, our IT Hiring Kit: Systems Analyst provides three unique tools that will help you in the hiring process, as well as several valuable documents that can guide you from listing a job opening to the final steps of letting candidates know that the role has been filled.

Understanding the role and skills

The first document is a ready-to-use job description that lists all the skills the perfect systems analyst candidate will have, as well as the duties that person is expected to carry out. By using this job description as a guide, you can efficiently review candidates' resumes and determine which candidates to invite for interviews.

That's where the second tool in the pack—a comprehensive list of interview questions—comes in very handy.

The right questions to ask

Our tool provides in-depth interview questions, including both general questions that are necessary to ask any job candidate and specific systems analyst questions, such as experience with systems specifications and development tools for enterprise applications.

By using this interview question guide, you can ensure that you'll ask all the important questions. Once you've selected and mapped out the questions you want answered, it's time to use our third tool in the pack—an assessment sheet that helps you clearly see whether a candidate possesses the skills and expertise you're looking for.

A thorough assessment

This unique candidate assessment spreadsheet is aligned with the interview questions guide. We've included each interview question on the candidate assessment sheet's tabs so you can rate the candidates' responses to each question. In addition, you can prioritize the skill sets to develop a weighted system for evaluating the candidates, as shown in Figure A.

Figure A

You can rank the hiring criteria to give greater weight to skills and experience you deem most important.

Because skill requirements for a systems analyst can be diverse, the assessment tool provides room for questions you may want to include that aren't on the interview questions document. This weighted spreadsheet allows you to enter information about the systems analyst candidates so you can keep track of the leading ones—and ultimately helps you decide which candidate is the best fit for your team.

Some extra resources

In addition to these tools, the hiring kit also includes a condensed job description for advertising purposes and sample job offer and rejection letters. Each document is easily customized to fit the specific role to be filled.

Devised specifically for hiring a systems analyst, these documents will save you a great deal of time in the full hiring process—which will give you more time to spend with candidates in order to make the right hiring decision.

Hiring and staffing a systems team is crucial to keeping an enterprise's infrastructure strong and stable. Order the IT Hiring Kit: Systems Analyst to help in this critical effort. This comprehensive pack provides all the necessary information and serves as a valuable tool for hiring a systems analyst.

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