With Microsoft Access 2003, you can embed Smart Tags into
any field so that you can link your Access applications with other Microsoft
Office applications.

For example, with Office 2003’s built-in Smart Tags for
Outlook, you can build Access applications that link to Outlook 2003’s e-mail
and calendar functions. Suppose you develop a form that allows customer service
representatives to search for contact information in your clients’ database. By
linking the Customer Name field to a Smart Tag, the representative will be able
to send an e-mail or schedule a meeting with the client directly from the
information they find on the form.

To link the Customer Name field to the Smart Tag, follow
these steps:

  1. Open
    the client database table in Design View.
  2. Select
    the Customer Name field row.
  3. Click
    the Builder button next to the Smart Tags field property in the field
    properties window.
  4. Click
    the People check box and click OK.

Now, when the customer service representative uses the form
to look up a client, a Smart Tag icon will appear next to the client’s name. By
clicking on the Smart Tag’s icon drop-down box, the representative can add the
client to his/her Outlook contacts, send the client an e-mail, or schedule a
meeting with the client.

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