Send in your entry for our top 10 list of the craziest support calls

Just when you think you've heard it all, an end user will call with a problem or question that's totally off the wall. Read these two examples of odd calls and then submit one of your own for our list of the top 10 craziest support calls.

In my job as a network analyst/Exchange administrator/NT administrator/NetWare administrator/SQL DBA/intranet Web master/tech support technician (Yes, I do wear THAT many hats!), I am often asked to resolve some very odd computer problems. To someone who has never “fought in the trenches” providing frontline tech support, these calls may seem unbelievable, but the seasoned support pro has probably seen these and a lot more. Here are two examples of the crazy requests I’ve encountered. Read them over and then send us a note with your entry for our list of the top 10 craziest support calls.

Patience is a virtue
Just a few weeks ago, I took a call from a secretary at one of our offices who said that her laser printer was having problems. The bottom half of her printed sheets were coming out blurry. It seemed strange that the printer was smearing only the bottom half. I walked her through the basics and then went over and printed out a test sheet. It printed fine. I asked her to print a sheet, so she sent a job to the printer. As the paper started coming out, she yanked it out and showed it to me. I solved the problem by telling her to wait until the paper came out on its own.

A complete 180
A department manager recently called and was very confused about why the cursor always moved in the opposite direction from the movement of the mouse. She also complained that the buttons were difficult to press. She was very embarrassed when I asked her to rotate the mouse so that the tail pointed away from her and the buttons where at the top.

Now it’s your turn
TechRepublic wants to hear about your crazy support calls. Come on, there must be at least one call that you look back on and think, “Did they really ask that?” Post a comment or send us a note and share your craziest support calls.

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