TechRepublic is a place where IT professionals can learn from each other. One of the best ways to share IT experiences is through case studies.

Chances are that you worked on a project that turned out to be a big success. Or maybe your most memorable project left you up to your neck in integration problems. Whatever the case, we want to hear from you. If you share your experiences, other IT managers can learn from your successes and your failures.

Tell us about your best or worst projects
Send TechRepublic a brief description about a project you completed. Just tell us about it in a sentence or two. We’ll select the most interesting projects and contact you for details. Then we’ll compile the information into a document that you and other IT managers can use as a resource. (If you prefer, you may remain anonymous.)

We are looking for case studies in the following areas:

  • ·        Enterprise application integration projects
  • ·        Integrating several ERP systems
  • ·        Integrating traditional business intelligence tools with Web-based ones
  • ·        Successful CRM implementations
  • ·        Supply-chain management integration

Send us your case study ideas and help out your IT peers.

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