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Send us your Linux nightmares and horror stories

You've heard the Linux success stories?now it's time for the horror stories. Send us a description of your worst Linux experience. If we publish it as part of our future compilation of Linux nightmares, you?ll receive a prize.

Our article on Linux success stories drew many thanks from TechRepublic members who enjoyed seeing practical stories of Linux in action. However, one member made a very good point. He said that he would also like to hear about Linux nightmares in order to get the flip side of the coin and see the areas where Linux can result in problems.

So we decided to invite you to e-mail us or place a comment in the discussion at the bottom of this article with a rundown of your worst Linux horror story. Tell us about failed installs, crashed servers, misconfigured services, programs you couldn’t get to run, support problems, and anything else that caused you to have Linux nightmares. We will publish the best stories in a future article, and all those members whose comments get published will receive a supersized TechRepublic coffee mug.

Remember that this is about expressing practical problems so that other administrators can get a better idea about the challenges of deploying and managing Linux. This is not meant to be a Linux-bashing session. Also, for all those Linux enthusiasts who cry “FUD” every time you mention any of Linux’s shortcomings, please remember that this is not a forum for defending the merits of Linux as an OS. We want to hear about the problems that made your head spin so that we can all learn from each other’s mistakes and get a better understanding of how to administer the penguin. Send us your story.

What’s your most awful Linux horror story?
There’s a sporty TechRepublic coffee mug at stake, so join the discussion below or send the editor an e-mail.


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