Since the Star Trek reboot is all the talk and because we’re already missing our good friend Jay Garmon (aka The Trivia Geek), who bid us a fond farewell one week ago, it seems like the appropriate time to ponder a truly important Geekend question: Do TechRepublic Senior Editor Sonja Thompson and Jay resemble Star Trek characters?

Here’s the background: In the span of one week, Sonja received two e-mails in which TechRepublic members compared Sonja and Jay to two Star Trek characters. Member jdclyde commented that Sonja looks like T’Pol from Star Trek: Enterprise, and member Al Fleagle noted that Jay resembles a Romulan. (Mark Kaelin informed me that the Romulan photo is from Season 1, Episode 14 – Balance of Terror, in which the actor plays the Romulan commander of a starship that enters Federation space.)

Here are the side-by-side comparisons:


(The photos are also featured in the April 10, 2009 edition of TechRepublic Out Loud on Video.)

Post in the comments to let us know if you think they could pass as look-alikes. Happy Friday!