As the year winds down, we’re looking back at which topics were of the most interest to Servers and Storage readers in 2009. Here are the top five posts.

What Windows 7 means to Windows server administrators

Scott Lowe shares 10 items that Windows server administrators need to know in order to adequately support Windows 7 clients.

Prevent IE 8 from automatically downloading on Windows servers

While keeping systems up to date is important, there are plenty of valid reasons not to upgrade IE 8 on Windows server systems. Rick Vanover shows how to protect against IE 8 from automatically showing up on your servers.

Failing with online backup

Seeking to back up 350 GB in safe, reliable, off-site storage, Michael Krigsman tried Carbonite and Mozy. He explains how both products failed miserably to achieve his goals.

Making the choice between virtual and physical servers

“Virtualize everything” is a popular M.O. in IT these days, but there are times when physical servers make more sense. Scott Lowe shares his thoughts on the issue.

A Task Manager view that makes me jealous–256 cores

Have you ever wondered what 256 cores would look like from a resource usage perspective? Look no further! Scott Lowe ran across a picture that was too cool to keep to himself — Windows Task Manager on a 256 core machine.

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