Internet Information Services (IIS) in Windows 2000
Professional includes a component service that lets you host an FTP site on a
workstation. While you probably won’t host a public FTP site from a
workstation, you can use FTP to share files with a limited number of people,
either across the network or the Internet.

The FTP service provides banners that you can use to display
welcome, exit, and error messages to users when they log on, log off, or are
unable to connect because of too many existing connections. Although users who
connect to the FTP site through Internet Explorer will not see these banner
messages, users who connect from a command line or from many third-party FTP
client applications will see the banners.

To set the banners, follow these steps:

  1. Open
    the IIS console, right-click Default FTP Site, and choose Properties.
  2. Click
    the Messages tab. This tab contains three text boxes for the Welcome,
    Exit, and Maximum Connections messages. Type the desired text in each box
    and click OK.
  3. Close
    the IIS console.

When you add the banners, keep security in mind. Don’t
include information in the banners that users should not already know, such as
folder structure or authentication information. The less
hackers know about your FTP site, the better.

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