Android integrates perfectly with your Google cloud — so well in fact that I bet you have no idea about some of the cloud-ready features available.

For instance, with the help of Google Now, you can have a handy “note to self” at the ready. You most likely want it saved in Google Keep so you can access it from anywhere. This is really easy to set up.

This action defaults to Gmail; however, once you install Google Keep (or any other notes app), you should be prompted to select which app to use for this action (Figure A).

Figure A

Selecting the default note to self action on a Verizon-branded Nexus 6.

If you aren’t prompted to select an app and it still defaults to Gmail, you may have to unset the default action. To do this, go to Settings | Apps | Gmail and tap Clear Defaults. The note to self action will prompt you to select an application. Tap Google Keep and your new default has been set. If you don’t see the Clear Defaults button, you can always install another notes app. This installation will trigger the need to set a default.

To use the note to self feature, do the following:

  1. Speak your Google Now command (such as “Okay Google Now”).
  2. Say “Note to self”.
  3. When prompted, say your note.
  4. Once Google Now saves the note, tap the home button to exit Google Now.

Your note to self will be saved to Google Keep and can be accessed from any Google Keep app associated with your Google account or from the Google Keep page. When you open it in Google Keep, you can add the usual tricks, which include add a location or time-based reminder, share the note, add images/colors, and edit.

Your favorite Google Keep trick

Most Google Keep users aren’t aware of the plethora of tricks the app has up its sleeve. When you combine the cloud-ability of Google Keep with the flexible power of Google Now, you have an amazing tool to send all your notes to self easily to the cloud.

What is your favorite Google Keep trick? Share it in the discussion.