Set Outlook 2003 to automatically download graphics

Change the default behavior of Microsoft Outlook 2003 so that graphics are automatically downloaded when viewing messages.


By default, Microsoft Outlook 2003 does not download any images in HTML e-mails. This is a good security precaution, but it can be an annoyance if you receive regular HTML e-mails, such as newsletters from trusted sources, because you have to manually right-click on the graphic slots and then download the images in order to read many of these e-mails.


You can change the Outlook 2003 settings so that images are automatically downloaded when you view or open the message. Here's how you do it:

  1. Click Tools | Options
  2. Click the Security tab
  3. Click the Change Automatic Download Settings button
  4. Uncheck the box Don't Download Pictures Or Other Content Automatically In HTML E-mail.

Figure A

Outlook options under the Security tab

If you'd like to retain some caution, then you can keep the default setting for the box Warn Me Before Downloading Content When Editing, Forwarding, Or Replying To E-mail. If not, then you can uncheck that box as well.

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