Wireless networking has revolutionized the office workspace.
Employees are no longer tethered to their desks; and cord length is no longer a
factor in setting up an office or workstation. Wireless connectivity presents a
true form of mobility—meaning new freedoms, new opportunities, and new
challenges, especially in the realm of security. As wireless demands increase,
you must be armed with the knowledge to meet needs without sacrificing

Introducing a wireless network requires careful planning up front,
knowledgeable configuration, and diligent attention and administration. Toward
that end, TechRepublic offers a Wireless LAN Integration
Project Plan
. We’ve included many of the common issues associated with a
wireless initiative, such as implementation roles, tips for risk assessment,
and descriptions of procedural activities. The project plan includes a
step-by-step task list that triggers the creation of a project calendar to help
you organize deadlines and accountability every step of the way. The template is
customizable so you can add details specific to your organization, such as
project member names and specific project cost analysis. The project plan will
also guide you in defining project/business alignment, with elements like:

  • Improving
    roaming capability and increasing productivity by providing workers with the
    flexibility to access network services, such as e-mail, company databases,
    and Internet, from different locations in the corporate office.
  • Lowering
    network expansion costs, i.e., eliminating cabling expenses.
  • Increasing
    the speed of new network deployments.
  • Providing
    network availability in areas where wiring is difficult.
  • Lowering
    administrative overhead.

In other words, much of the work is already done for you in
this comprehensive project plan. You only have to tweak the details.

Once you get down to the actual placement of wireless access
points, you’ll need to plan carefully so that wireless clients can connect in
all the required areas. That’s why you’ll find another TechRepublic job aid
that we’ve included in this package—our Wireless Access Point placement diagram—to
be indispensable. This is a Visio diagram of a detailed WAP site plan that
provides an example of this type of design.

In addition to these great tools, we’ve included a Wireless
Policy template that provides a good foundation for creating a workable and
successful wireless policy once your implementation is complete.

The Wireless LAN Integration Project Plan, including these great tools, is one of the many premium downloads available free to TPG members.