Remembering keyboard shortcuts is tough enough when you’re working on some no-pressure project at your desk. Get in front of an audience, and your mind may go totally blank. Your focus needs to be on the material you’re presenting and how you’re connecting with your audience — not on ” How do I back up to the previous slide?” That’s why it’s a good idea to pick a handful of the most useful shortcuts and make them second nature. When you find yourself delivering a presentation via the keyboard, these shortcuts will see you through.

Action Shortcut
Start a presentation from the first slide F5
Run the next animation or advance to the next slide Enter or Spacebar
Return to the previous slide Backspace
End a slide show Esc or – (hyphen)
Jump to the first (or last) slide Home (or End)
Jump to a particular slide Type the slide number and press Enter
Go to a black (or white) screen or resume the slide show from a black (or white) screen B (or W)