It’s that time of year, my friends. The holidays are upon up and time to give gifts. For those that are tech-inclined, you could always dole out for a new server (if you’ve got the money), or a sweet gaming laptop (again, if you’ve got the money). Of, if that someone you love, respect, or just want to suck up to is an Android fan or user, you could get them a mobile-centric gift they can add to their Android arsenal.

Fear not, intrepid reader, I have collected a handy gift guide for you. Scroll through this list of possible items to see if there isn’t something your Android lover can use.

1. Logitech K480 keyboard

The Logitech K480 keyboard (Figure A), available for $50 (USD), will pair with any of the following devices: Android 3.2 or (greater), iOS 5 (or greater), Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows 7 (or greater). I bought one, and it’s worth every penny paid. Not only is it a solid keyboard, but it allows me to sync three different devices and easily switch between them. I’ve been using it in conjunction with my Motorola Moto X, my Sony Xperia tablet, and a System76 Sabel Touch. With the twist of a knob, I can switch between devices and not lose a moment of productivity.

Figure A

The Logitech K480 keyboard will please any mobile user.

2. Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker

I consider myself an audiophile, so it does go against my better nature to recommend a Bose speaker system. With that said, this baby packs a serious punch. Though this tiny speaker won’t outperform mid- to high-end desktop or floor speakers, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better portable Bluetooth speaker for around $200.00 (USD). Link up via Bluetooth on your Android device and carry the Soundlink Mini (Figure B) wherever you need to go. The bass response is good (not great — missing out on a bit of the 170/310 range) and the treble is pretty fantastic.

Figure B

The Bose Soundlink Mini.

You’ll get about seven hours of charge from about three hours charge time, and the sound easily fills a room or floor of a house.

3. Droid Turbo

If your Android lover has a contract that’s about to expire, why not go whole hog and buy him one of the most outstanding phones on the current market? The Droid Turbo (Figure C) smacks of power and all day usage. That’s right, you’ll get 48t hours of use from this baby. And when the Turbo is finally running low, get eight more hours of run time with only 15 minutes charge using the Turbo Charger. If battery life doesn’t sell this smartphone, then how about filming in 4K video? If you really want that Android lover to have the best, this is it.

Figure C

The Verizon-branded Droid Turbo.

4. Solar charger

I own a small InnoGear 800 mAh solar charger (Figure D), and it cost me about $25.00 (USD). I’ve used it on a number of occasions when my mobile battery was depleted and I needed to place a call or locate information. Plug the device into the phone, set the phone in a ray of sun, and in about an hour, there’s enough juice to do what you need. Not all solar chargers are created equal, but most that you can find for sale will do the trick. You don’t have to be a hiker or outdoorsman to appreciate the ability to reclaim power for your device via Mother Nature.

Figure D

The InnoGear 800 mAh solar charger.

5. DODOcase VR

Forget the costly plastic virtual reality headsets. When you’re on the go, you want lightweight. That’s where the DODOcase VR comes in. This is a cardboard kit that comes with everything you need to create a VR viewer for your Android device. There’s also an app that goes along with the case (found in the Google Play Store). The VR kit is $24.95 (USD), and the app is free.

Figure E

The DODOcase VR.

Fire up the DODOcase app, slide your Android device inside the cardboard case, and enjoy your Android smartphone like never before.

6. Motorola Moto 360

If you’re seriously looking for the smartwatch to beat, this is it. It’s stylish, high quality, offers plenty of room for information, displays timely information (based on where you are), and offers unbeatable voice control. Yes, the smartwatch bandwagon is still relatively new (and improvements haven’t really turned them into “must have” pieces of technology). However, if you or someone you love is really itching to have the power of Android on their wrist, smart bets are on the Moto 360 (Figure F), available now for $250.00 (USD).

Figure F

The Motorola 360 smartwatch.

7. Android plushie

What fan of Android wouldn’t love to have their very own Android plushie (Figure G). This 15-inch squeezable guy will make every iPhone owner green with envy. Hug him when everything is going right, and punch him every time your favorite app force closes. Regardless of how you make use of this toy, you owe it to the Android fan in you (or in your loved ones) to own one of these.

Figure G

The Android plushie is here to accept your love.

With just a bit of digging, you’ll find plenty of unique gifts for the discerning Android fan. What’s your favorite Android-related gift that you would love to give or receive this holiday season? Let us know in the discussion thread below.