On Monday, Google announced an update to its Files Go storage manager and sharing app that will make it faster and easier for professionals to share pictures, videos, documents, or apps while offline, according to a blog post.

Files Go–first released last year–aims to cut down on mobile data usage by supporting data-less file transfers. The app uses Bluetooth to let users share, manage, and delete files. It also can suggest rarely used apps or duplicate photos a user has on their phone that can be deleted to free up storage space.

The update will make the app easier to find and use, according to the blog post. A new tab called “Share” has a “simplified and smoother interface,” and works on any Android phone from Android 5.0 to the latest Google Pixel.

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Improved technology will also give Files Go a much faster connection time: With the update, the average time it takes to connect two phones is just five seconds, the post noted.

Perhaps most importantly for business users, Files Go will now offer faster data transfers. The app can automatically choose the fastest method of sending files available on your device–such as 5GHz Wi-Fi Direct–so you can access the highest transfer speeds possible, according to the post. Users have achieved speeds up to 490 Mbps–four times faster than in the past, or the equivalent of 100 original quality photos transferred in less than five seconds.

The update also includes increased security, with verification checks to ensure you are sending files to the intended recipient, and encrypting all transfers.

For instructions on how to install Files Go, click here.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • An update to Google’s Files Go storage manager and sharing app will make it faster and easier for professionals to share photos, videos, and files while offline.
  • The Files Go update will offer data transfers at speeds of up to 490 Mbps, or four times faster than in the past.