Share or move your CD title library in Windows 2000 Professional

If you still use your Windows 2000 Professional system to keep track of all your music, find out how the CD Player application makes it extremely easy to share your CD library or move it to another computer.

The CD Player application in the Windows 2000 Professional Programs | Accessories | Entertainment menu lets you not only play audio CDs on your computer but also maintain a database of tracks for each CD. By making the track information available, CD Player lets you easily select an individual track or set up a playlist based on song name, rather than just track number.

You can add track titles in one of two ways: manually or through an automatic download from the Internet. Whether you successfully download a track list or you enter a large CD library manually, you'll probably be upset if your system crashes and you lose the CD database or if you need to move your CD list to another computer or share it with others.

While it's not apparent from the application itself, CD Player keeps your track lists in an Access database, which (by default) is in Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Microsoft\CD Player\DeluxeCD.mdb. If Access is installed on your system, you can open the database and add titles manually; however, the CD Player application provides a better interface for doing so. You can also share the database with others or move it to a different computer simply by copying the file to the CD Player folder under the appropriate profile folder.

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