Do you use SnagIt? I have been using this software for years and I am very happy with it. With SnagIt, you have the ability to create profiles. The profile may allow you to capture an entire window, a region, a menu, etc.

Recently, TechSmith released a Flickr profile that allows you to capture a screen or portion thereof and have it upload to Flickr instantly. It is a great feature that really streamlines my work.

Let’s see it in action.

When you first open SnagIt, you can choose the appropriate profile. I downloaded and installed the Flickr profiles off of their website. Let’s go ahead and send a screenshot of my blog to Flickr using a SnagIt profile. Once you add the finishing touches on your screen capture, click Finish and a SnagIt to Flickr Output Options window appears.

Note: You must first authorize your browser to allow uploading to Flickr. A browser will open asking you to sign-in to Flickr to allow access. Once you allow access, you can continue authorization, set your options in SnagIt, and choose Upload.

SnagIt will begin uploading your file to Flickr until it is ready for viewing. How do you use SnagIt in your organization or your daily life? Do you think this is a useful feature?