Imagine that you’re floundering over a network dilemma of surreal proportions. You’ve never dealt with such a crisis before, and frankly you don’t know where to turn.

After hours of searching, you find and it contains exactly what you need. Every one should know about this site … it’s amazing!

WebReviews to the rescue
You’ve probably seen our WebReviews . It’s our hope that they’ve come in handy. In fact, one of the column’s goals is to ensure that these pieces inform you of helpful sites.

Now you can share the URLs of your favorite sites with your virtual peers. What do you get in return? We’ll share their lifesaving sites with you.

How’s it work?
We’ll make it easy for you to let other people know where to find the answers to the occupational nightmares common to everyday administration life.

Tell us which IT Internet destination is your favorite and why. I will review all your submissions, and if the site proves helpful, we’ll feature it in a future WebReview. In addition, if you are the first person to recommend a site that we review, we’ll award you a TechRepublic T-shirt for showing the way to Internet salvation. (Could life get any better?)

Whoa…there are some rules
Sorry, but we don’t want to know where you find your MP3s, where you go to buy the best shoes, or goodness … not that either! Use your best judgment, and please be sure your site will be of interest to other system or network administrators.

Here are the criteria upon which the sites will be judged:

  • How fast it loads
  • Whether or not there is a site map
  • Whether or not there is a search feature
  • How well organized it is
  • Whether it features utilities
  • Whether the site offers forums
  • How much exam/certification information it contains
  • Whether there are software/hardware reviews
  • Whether news coverage is provided

One more thing. You can’t elect your own site. Sorry. We only want to hear about the sites of others that you depend on for IT assistance, advice, tips, and other information.

Send us your sites!

Meredith Johnston is a published author and TechRepublic contributor.

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