USB 2.0 devices over your LANWeary of running a desktop just to keep USB devices online or of connecting them to your wireless laptop by entangling cables? Keyspan has upgraded its three-year-old USB Server design with its new USB 2.0 Server, which connects a pair of USB 2.0 ports (with half an amp of power on each port for peripherals) to a 10/100 Ethernet LAN.

Bi-directional communication allows print job, paper, and ink or toner remote monitoring of a connected printer. A hard disk could be added to serve as a basic NAS system. Connecting devices over a LAN eliminates problems caused by the standard 10 meter (33 feet) USB cable distance limits. USB audio/video equipment and USB hubs are not yet supported, but both PCs and Macs can use the server to connect to peripherals.

This joins IOgear’s multi-function USB server to a very short list of USB-LAN adapters that permit a broad variety of devices.

Is sharing USB devices important to your office?


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