Office 2007’s Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) allows quick access to your favorite commands. What you might not realize is that this toolbar responds to keyboard shortcuts. Simply press [Alt]+character to open that command’s menu or dialog box. For instance, the first two icons on my QAT are Save and Undo. Pressing [Alt]+1 opens the Save As dialog box; pressing [Alt]+2 displays Undo subcommands.
The QAT can handle many icons, and that can lead to bit of confusion where shortcuts are concerned. How do you open the 10th or the 15th icon? The following table lists enough for you to discern the pattern.

Icon Press
10 [Alt]+0,9
11 [Alt]+0,8
12 [Alt]+0,7
13 [Alt]+0,6
14 [Alt]+0,5
15 [Alt]+0,4
16 [Alt]+0,3
17 [Alt]+0,2
18 [Alt]+0,1
19 [Alt]+0,a
20 [Alt]+0,b
21 [Alt]+0,c

Confused? Office 2007 will display the shortcut characters for you — simply press [Alt]+0 to display the shortcut characters right next to the command icons that they initiate.
Just keep in mind that the QAT cares about order, and not function. Today, [Alt]+1 might open the Save As dialog box. If you delete the Save icon from the QAT or move it, [Alt]+1 will initiate whatever command makes it to the first position in the toolbar.