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Old cert vs. new cert
As every MCSE knows by now, if you plan to continue to use the title, you have to upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows 2000 MCSE. But is that exactly fair? Below, you will find the current thoughts regarding the topic.

Pro MCSE 2000

  • It’s important to keep up-to-date with Microsoft’s latest technology. Not doing so could cost you when employers are looking for people with Windows 2000 qualifications.
  • People who get certified as Win2K MCSEs will have a huge advantage over those who don’t. After all, who better to work on a 2000 system than someone who knows what they’re doing?
  • Windows NT will be phased out—if not by Microsoft, then by companies running NT.

Pro original MCSE

  • We’ve already spent the money to become certified in the first place. Why should we have to give Microsoft more money just because they release a new OS?
  • Microsoft can think what they want, but Windows NT will be around for quite some time to come. Companies will not jump aboard the Windows 2000 bandwagon just because Microsoft says so.
  • We don’t have time to become certified yet again! We’ve put forth many hours just to get our original MCSE certifications. What makes Microsoft think that we have time to take another set of courses and yet another test?

The point
We know you don’t want to give up your title as MCSE just because Microsoft has said you have to. So here is your chance to step up on your soapbox and let your opinions be heard. Feel free to post a message below or send us a note, telling us why you think Microsoft should leave the original MCSEs alone. Remember, you’re trying to prove your point, so make your answers clear and concise!

The counterpoint
While there are those who don’t wish to update to the new Windows 2000 MCSE certification, there are also those who are eagerly awaiting Microsoft’s new test. Why do you want to be a Windows 2000 MCSE? Let your opinions be known! You can post a comment below or send us an e-mail. Remember, you’re trying to prove a point, so your answers should be clear and concise!
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