Indiana just became the most recent state to no longer require schools to teach cursive writing. Instead they will require them to teach keyboarding in elementary schools.

As with any kind of decision like this, there are supporters and detractors. The supporters say that it’s a progressive movement and that technology has made it so that cursive writing skills are no longer needed. They argue that it’s a waste of time teaching it.

The detractors say that when children don’t learn cursive writing that they will be unable to read handwritten notes from elders or in historical documents.

When I do take pen to paper, my own cursive writing is a hybrid of print letters and cursive because it’s faster.  I prefer keying because it lets me get my thoughts down before they flee my head. Also, I remember when I was in school, student essays were judged more on the neatness than the idea contained therein, which is not exactly fair.

However, I still kind of hate the idea of kids growing up not being able to write cursively. What do you think?