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The Mac attack comeback
It’s a very well known fact that Apple’s Macintosh isn’t exactly the favorite PC in most business networks. But what is the reasoning behind this thinking? After all, the Mac is a computer, just like all of the IBM clones out there. Doesn’t it deserve a place on the network as well?

We want to know what you think about this particular subject. Should your company put in Macs on their network, or is life easier with an all-PC (IBM clone) network? Below, you’ll find a few reasons why you should have Macs on your network and a few reasons why it may be a better idea to keep it PC only.

Time to draw the lines
The Apple Macintosh

  • Apple’s successful marketing of the Mac has brought it back into the spotlight where it deserves to be.
  • The Mac is simply an easier machine to configure and administer.
  • Macs come with the equipment needed to connect to a network already built in.
  • The Mac OS has a very friendly user interface and is nearly impossible to screw up.

The PC argument

  • Most networks run some form of Windows. Techs are trained to manage these machines, not Macs.
  • If you have a PC on your network, you’re not limited to the operating system you wish to use. Currently, the PC can run several different pieces of software, while the Mac just has the Mac OS.
  • A network runs best if it contains the same machines consisting of the same software.

The Point
Should Mac machines be allowed on your network? Are there really enough Mac users in the world to justify configuring your network to accept a few Apple branded machines? If you think so, we want to hear your opinion! Feel free to leave a post below or send us a note with your thoughts on the topic.

The Counterpoint
Should all workstations be PC only? Do you believe that a Mac has no place on your network? If this is how you feel, step up and be heard! Leave a post below or send us a note with your point of view.

Remember, no matter what side you’re on, be sure to make your answers clear and concise!
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