On April 4, Vincent Danen, one of Mandrake’s own, gave an insightful viewing of some Mandrake Linux tricks.If you couldn’t join us then, enjoy the transcript and we hope to see you on our next live Guild Meeting.

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Welcome to the Guild Meeting!
JLWALLEN: Hey all! I’ve just been working with Corel’s WordPerfect Office Suite 2000 for Linux.

VDANEN: What do you think of it?

JLWALLEN: They released it wayyyyy too soon. It’s far too unstable.

VDANEN: What’s unstable about it? Everything, or everything besides WordPerfect? =)

MODERATOR: Welcome ladies and gents once again to the TPG Guild Meeting! Tonight we have a very special treat for you…. our speaker is Vincent Danen from Canada (vdanen).

MIKKILUSA: The king has spoken! ‘Off with Corel’s head.’

HUEVOS: Thanks to all of the TechRepublic masters who awarded me last month’s grand prize!

JLWALLEN: Well, it’s not that it’s Corel (I happen to like WordPerfect 8) I think the big problem is that it’s basically the Windows version running on top of wine and it crashes all the time on my desktop… Now, you have to understand that I’m running Helix-GNOME and XFree 3.3.6.

VDANEN: Hi folks! I’ll be heading up the meeting tonight on Mandrake tips, tricks, secrets, general hints and help. Ugh… that’s definitely unpleasant. I thought they were going to port all of that to Linux, not make it easier to run under wine?

HUEVOS: What is wine?

VDANEN: Well, it really shouldn’t matter what you’re running it under… Helix-GNOME has worked very well over here except that the desktop icons don’t work properly. =(

MODERATOR: Anyway…. I could go on about WordPerfect 2000 but I want to hand the floor over to Vincent! Ladies and gents get your Mandrake (or Linux I suppose) questions ready for Vincent Danen <insert applause>!

Windows Emulator
VDANEN: HUEVOS, Wine is not a Windows emulator. It basically runs Windows apps (3.1, 95, 98) under Linux, but you need to have the Windows components installed first.

JLWALLEN: No it shouldn’t matter but the GUI is just unreliable, it doesn’t work with styles well and it crashes left and right

VDANEN: Thank you, thank you… =) I suppose we should get started! Prior to the meeting, I received an e-mail from a fellow who isn’t able to make it, so I’ll attempt to answer the question that he posed in his e-mail. He was asking about dual booting with Windows. He was only able to give 3 GB to Linux (which is plenty, believe me), but he says he has noticed an incredible slow down.

BACOLE2: Excuse me. This is my first Guild Meeting. Are they logged for later review?

MODERATOR: Yes all Guild Meetings are logged and posted ASAP.

VDANEN: Now, he thinks the slow down is due to Mandrake itself, and he wanted to know how to optimize the system without having to invest in more hardware. My suggestion to him is that it is more than what he thinks (he mentioned thinking his swap partition was compromised). There are a few things you can do. First, if you do indeed believe there is a problem with the swap partition, you can boot from a rescue floppy and reformat the swap partition. That’s probably easiest. The second suggestion is with the initial system installation. Many people don’t know what size of swap partition to make, and unfortunately he didn’t mention what size he had. The general rule is to make the swap similar to your real RAM… i.e. if you have 64 MB of RAM, have a 64 MB swap partition. Some people with small amounts of RAM (16 or 32 MB) make huge swap partitions, like 128 MB. This is not a good idea!

JLWALLEN: I tend to stick with 100 MB swap partitions or greater. Since I run StarOffice all the time, I figure it’s better safe than sorry

The more swap you have
VDANEN: The reason being, the more swap you have, and the more you force Linux to use it, the slower it’s going to get because, obviously, you’re limited by the speed of your hard drive. Making an unnecessarily large swap partition will hinder system performance instead of help it. I would suggest that you go with 64 MB-100 MB, depending on your real RAM.

Jack, true enough… I’ve never used more than 64 MB swap, even when I only had 64 MB real RAM. StarOffice ran fine, as did all my other apps. Now I have 192 MB RAM in the machine, and things fly. Moves quite nicely, especially when using VMWare.

JLWALLEN: StarOffice itself gobbles up 52 MB of RAM!

MIKKILUSA: I have installed 2 versions of Linux, SuSE and Caldera lite. Caldera was nightmare trying to create the partitions. SuSE did it for me. It was great.

VDANEN: Does it really?! I never noticed… I suppose I should use top more often… =)

JLWALLEN: It’s because it’s not modular. You load the whole shootin’ match every time.

VDANEN: Yeah, that’s probably true… if there’s one thing I dislike about SO, it’s that it loads everything.

JLWALLEN: One of the reasons why I was hoping WordPerfect 2000 would be better…alas.

VDANEN: MIKKILUSA, Yes, Caldera is a little bit of a pain in regards to partitions. SuSE is really good about it, very flexible. Have you looked at Corel Linux? It’s really bad on partitions. Jack: =) I hear ya!
Our Guild Meetings feature top-flight professionals leading discussions on interesting and valuable IT issues. You can find a schedule of Guild Meetings in your weekly TechProGuild Notes TechMail, or on the Guild Meeting calendar.

VDANEN: So, does everyone here use Linux Mandrake, or are some of you considering switching to it from your current distro?

JLWALLEN: As far as the Mandrake installation, I thought it was really amazing. However, I’ve noticed it has a heck of a time with PCMCIA cards! Any tips?

MIKKILUSA: Downloaded it but not installed it yet. I lost the hard drive I had them on. It was a bummer!

JLWALLEN: I do, however, LOVE lothar!

HUEVOS: I am new to Linux, and have not yet tried it, but would like to.

VDANEN: Jack, That depends. Did you use the version that was originally released, or did you use the second (by ISO it was 7.0-2) install? The updated install had better support for partitions and PCMCIA installation issues. MIKKILUSA, You’ll have to either get it again or get it from CheapBytes or something. It’s really worth it. HUEVOS, what distro are you currently using?

JLWALLEN: I’m installing the full-blown, full-nine-yards version! Straight from MandrakeSoft!

HUEVOS: What is a distro?

MIKKILUSA: In Jlwallen’s review on Mandrake over SuSE, he stated that Mandrake was easier to install, but SuSE was a better all-around Linux. Your comment VDANEN?

VDANEN: Jack, the PowerPack? One of the original ones? MandrakeSoft sent me the original PowerPack as well… the install is the 7.0 one (so they also sent me the updated 7.0-2 GPL CD to use for installing).

What is a distro?
VDANEN: HUEVOS, A distro is a Linux distribution. Mandrake, RedHat, Slackware, Debian… these are all different distros of Linux.

JLWALLEN: However, it must have been the 7.0! Suppose I should get in touch. 😉

HUEVOS: I have not installed any yet.

JLWALLEN: Would you consider Mandrake among the tops for new users? As far as installation? Use?

VDANEN: MIKKILUSA: Hmmm… Good question. SuSE is pretty simple to install. Mandrake is really simple to install. 7.0 has the GUI installer, which some people think makes an install easier and/or better. Mandrake does detect hardware a little better than SuSE does as well. So it’s a bit of a toss-up on the install. As far as usage goes, I much prefer Mandrake to SuSE.

HUEVOS: Why is Mandrake better for usage?

MIKKILUSA: One thing that I did encounter with SuSE was that a 1 gGB hard drive was not enough to load network support. Will Mandrake give you network support on a 1 GB?

VDANEN: Jack, yeah, I would consider Mandrake one of the better “new user” distros. It’s got a very simple straightforward install, and it can be setup to be very simple to use. I would recommend it for a newcomer to Linux who has had some experience with another OS. For someone new to computers, the Caldera Open Linux eDesktop 2.4, which was just released, is extremely easy to install and is very dummy-proof.

Which distro is best?
JLWALLEN: Yeah…when people ask me which distro is best I first ask them what their skill level with windows is, how familiar are they with hardware, how afraid are they of computers 😉 But I generally point them to one of three: Red Hat, Mandrake, Caldera

VDANEN: HUEVOS: It could be just me, but SuSE has a different layout than many other distros do. They do things differently. Mandrake conforms to the RedHat standard, which a number of distros use, which means you can interchange packages between Mandrake, RedHat, and a lot of other distros. Makes it easy to keep up on new programs if someone is a little slow. Mandrake also supports a host of Window Managers out of the box, which SuSE doesn’t (or doesn’t as well).

JLWALLEN: I shy away from steering new users to Corel…its too new and based on old technology (debian)

VDANEN: MIKKILUSA: 1GB for Mandrake is plenty… you can pretty much get the entire distro installed in 1.5 GB (I believe), so 1 GB will do you *very* well. You’ll get your networking installed for sure.

ROBERT: When I installed Mandrake awhile back, I found it very easy to install. While I am familiar with many OS’s Linux was not one of them. After a few hours I found myself quite comfortable with Mandrake.

VDANEN: Jack, Corel wouldn’t be too bad, but my first impressions of it were horrible. I wanted to install it in an existing partition and it refused… it needed to make it’s own partition. At that point, I hit CAD and said I wouldn’t even play with it…

JLWALLEN: Bingo! It’s funny that you should bring up standards…what do you think about Red Hat dominating the standards? It’s obvious that Mandrake has conformed…do you think others should follow mandrake’s lead?

Downloadable Mandrake
HUEVOS: Any good place to download Mandrake?

MIKKILUSA: Is Mandrake available for DL like most other Linux OSs?

VDANEN: Robert, I believe it. Which version of Mandrake did you try at that point? Was it 6.1 or 7.0? Did you use the GUI installer? HUEVOS, check www.linux-mandrake.com and look for the mirror sites

HUEVOS: Vdanen, thanks, I will try it

MIKKILUSA: Does Mandrake use GNOME or kde or both for GUI?

ROBERT: Vdnen: It was the 6.1 ver. used the customized partition magic, did a great job, I believe the install was GUI. Used a boot disk as my loader.

VDANEN: Jack: Well, Mandrake 5.0 was based on Red Hat 5.0, which is why they use the Red Hat-style for standards. While it’s not 100% accurate according to the purists (you want a purist Linux, go Slackware), it works very well, and a number of people do use it. I don’t think it’s a Red Hat domination… it’s a user mindset, I think. It’s like people still think Mandrake is nothing more than a Pentium-optimized Red Hat when it is *so* much more than that. MIKKILUSA, It uses both. You can also use Sawmill, Window Maker, AfterStep, BlackBox, IceWM, and other window managers with it as well.

JLWALLEN: so tell us, if you will, exactly what else did mandrake do to ‘red hat’? A small plug for GNOME? 😉 Go to www.helixcode.com and download the latest from there…it is too sweet for words!

VDANEN: Robert, Hmmm. I didn’t think 6.1 came out with the GUI, unless they added it after the initial release. But, definitely good to hear. You should give 7.0 a try. Well, Mandrake didn’t do anything to Red Hat, except prove that the same thing could be done better. =) What they did to their own distro was change the packages being installed, libraries, and other mundane things to improve the system. The install scripts are customized; new programs were written for it (especially for 7.0 which is why they jumped from 6.1 to 7.0). For example, they wrote a program called rpmdrake to ease the install of RPMs from CD, FTP sites, local directories and so fort

RedHat releases
BACOLE2: Are Mandrake releases generally tied to Red Hat releases?

HUEVOS: Any good books/authors for learning Mandrake Linux?

JLWALLEN: I would say that the mandrake install is the most ‘different’ installation you’ll ever see (to date) but different in a good way

VDANEN: They also wrote a wrapper to a number of configuration programs which they called DrakConf, which can initiate linuxconf, printtool, kpackage (this one has me confused, why they link to kpackage and not rpmdrake), and other good utils like changing X resolution, etc. BACOLE2: No. Red Hat just released 6.2. Mandrake 7.0 has been out for a while now.

JLWALLEN: Oh I have a great book for learning mandrake and you’ll be shocked. The book that comes with the distribution itself is one of THE best Linux books I’ve seen! It’s incredible. Not only will you learn a lot about Linux but also you’ll really know mandrake well

VDANEN: HUEVOS, No books specifically on Linux Mandrake that I know of. Good sites to visit for information are www.linux-mandrake.com, www.mandrakeuser.org, and www.freezer-burn.org. They each run and use Mandrake and give quite a bit of info on it.

JLWALLEN: The book alone is worth the price of the software.

HUEVOS: Sounds good, jlwallen, what is the name of the book?

MIKKILUSA: One thing I found trying to learn Linux from web like I learn on other OSs is not very easy.

VDANEN: Jack: Well, besides the manual that comes with the PowerPack… =) Mind you, you can use any book on Linux (or rather, any book on Red Hat) and about 95% of it will be accurate where Mandrake is concerned.

BACOLE2: Does Mandrake 7 provide a high level of PNP ability? Equal to or better than RH 6.2?

VDANEN: MIKKILUSA: what exactly do you mean?

JLWALLEN: I think it’s just Mandrake users guide…I have it at work sorry 🙁

VDANEN: BACOLE2: I’ve never used Red Hat 6.2 or even looked at it, but yes, it does. Point in fact, I installed a Creative Live X-Gamer PNP soundcard in the box yesterday and it picked it up easily. Lothar is an excellent hardware tool.

ROBERT: Vdanen, I believe I installed it just after X-mas guess it depends on what is considered GUI 😉 In any case, after several weeks, I went back to Win98. While I think Linux is much more stable and enjoyable, I find there just isn’t enough software for it yet. Currently I’m running the RC2 of Win2K, awaiting MS to send me the final product.:)

MIKKILUSA: The documentation seems spread out not kind of confusing

VDANEN: Jack: Yeah, it’s the User’s Guide. Got it sitting right next to me

MIKKILUSA: Subtract not

VDANEN: MIKKILUSA: True, you have to look for something specific, I think, when trying to use the websites. That’s why I have a few general Linux books in my office here… for the detailed specific things, I hit the websites, but for some general stuff, I just use the books I have here

JLWALLEN: I did have a problem with Mandrake that I thought I should bring up…. on one machine after about 2 days of use <actually I installed it on a friend’s machine> it started kernel panicking. Has anything been documented about the earlier 7.0 release having that problem?

VDANEN: If you’re interested, the books I use on an on-going basis (and really like) are SAMS Linux Unleased (I have 3rd ed. I think 4th is out now), SAMS Maximum Linux Security (awesome book!), and SAMS Linux System Administrator’s Survival Guide. Those are all excellent books that are roughly 95% Mandrake-accurate

The name game
HUEVOS: Jlwallen, what is the name of the book?

MIKKILUSA: Have a book complements of the wonderful TechRepublic/Jwallen on Web server, not the operating system. Yes, a shameless plug for our sponsor! heheh

VDANEN: Jack, Was there anything more specific than a kernel panic? Any particular error message? Any changes made to hardware or the kernel since the install? I have known people with kernel panics due to new hardware, but not just happening for no reason after a few days… any more details on that?

JLWALLEN: Unfortunately he didn’t say…he was new to Linux. I tried to get more info but by the time I could get to him he had already freaked and installed Corel Linux 😉

ROBERT: Mikkilusa, I just purchased two, Red Hat Linux Bible & O’reilly Linux In A Nutshell

MIKKILUSA: Good books Robert?

VDANEN: Jack, <shudder> Anything besides Corel Linux I wouldn’t mind… hehe… and the awful thing is… Corel is a Canadian distro. So is Storm Linux, and I couldn’t get either to behave properly during install. Funny thing too… both are based on Debian.

HUEVOS: Vdanen-BTW, how is the X-Gamer soundcard?

JLWALLEN: Yeah I think the Debian distro has a bit of catching up to do.


STORM: Hey 🙂

VDANEN: HUEVOS: Incredible! I had to replace an ISA SB16 card so I could get an older ISA Adaptec SCSI card in there to get a SCSI scanner working (it was a very large thing… had to recompile modules and everything to get it to recognize the card), so I got the SB Live… what a difference! That Environmental Audio is really slick


Trouble with DNS
ROBERT: Mikkilusa, I bought them for a web server I’m running (trouble with DNS) if find the Bible doesn’t really give me enough detailed information, but does have good info on the workings of Linux. The Linux In A Nutshell is more detailed with mostly commands. All the Nutshell series are very good.

JLWALLEN: You did manage to get an sblive working?

VDANEN: Jack, Yeah, Debian is a little behind. It’s a rock-solid distro, but they need to get into the 2.2.x kernels instead of sticking with 2.0.36 (I think they’re still using that, aren’t they?). They also need to make the install more intuitive. I installed Debian the other day and it was a huge chore

MIKKILUSA: I take it Mandrake is Pentium only then?

VDANEN: Robert, You’re having DNS trouble? If you need help, you can give me a shout. There is a forthcoming article of mine coming out on Setting up DNS that might help you (probably far too late for any practical use now but I thought I would mention it…) MIKKILUSA, They are making (or have made) a 486 version. I don’t think they will make a 386 version, but they have compiled everything to 486 from my understanding. I’m not sure if it’s an “official” thing or not. Officially, Mandrake supports Pentium+ machines and, more recently, Alpha and UltraSPARC machines as well.

ROBERT: Vanen, Thanks I’m sure that will help a lot of newbies like myself out.

VDANEN: Robert, I hope so. You’ll have to bother my editor (ahem… Jack… <grin>) to see if he can get it on there sooner, but it should be coming out soon

MODERATOR: The moderator <vdanen’s editor> says hehehehe


MIKKILUSA: Vdanen, you’re doing a fine job tonight with your boss looking over yourshoulder eheheeh

VDANEN: MIKKILUSA, Thank you very much… =)

MIKKILUSA: Just call ’em like I see ’em.

Linux special applications
VDANEN: Another question I was asked prior to the meeting was what I thought of the future of Linux if more people become devout users of it. He was asking about over the counter applications for Linux or if we would have to always get “special” apps for Linux… this isn’t entirely Mandrake specific, but I thought it was deserving of an answer.

ROBERT: Vanen, I was using a RAQ2 before nice and simple, but not very configurable, MIPS on Red Hat, the scripts did almost all of your admin functions. Now I’m on an Intel class and the interface requires me to edit the DNS records in order host virtual with IP.

VDANEN: Now, I’m no expert, and I’ve only been using Linux for 2 years, and I’ve seen a lot of change in those two years. If I go to a computer store now a days, I see box versions of Mandrake, Red Hat, Caldera, and Corel Linux. Do I think we’ll be buying things like WP Office 2000 in stores? For sure. It may be another year, but if you look at everything that’s happening, it’s a reality waiting to happen. Look at LokiSoft porting games to Linux, again, WP Office 2000 (regardless of how well it work

VDANEN: Robert, It’s not too hard, honest. =) I had to do it on a few machines, and it’s not too bad at all.

VDANEN: Dang! My typing got cut off… aaarg

MIKKILUSA: Well being in IS biz the thing is Linux is so very intriguing but keeping up with what ever bill releases this month and NetWare and you have to keep up with that and dwell in what’s cool when you have time ;(

HUEVOS: I agree, Mikkil

JLWALLEN: I’ll jump in here… 😉 …stand back everyone…

MIKKILUSA: Yeah, the need to fix the smiley-frowned face thing here hehehe

New Linux users
herc54: For a new user is Linux easy to configure to use a cable modem?

VDANEN: … (regardless of how well it works… hehe). Ummm… to be concise, it will happen that we will be buying Linux applications over the counter. If Macs can do it, why not Linux? Soon we’ll have more of the desktop “shares” than Macs do anyways!

HUEVOS: Vdanen, do you use exclusively Linux (where possible)?

JLWALLEN: Yes it is impossible to keep up with uncle bill however what you have to remember is that with Linux you keep up at your own pace. I have a friend whose had a Red Hat 5.2 box serving up DNS and its uptime was over 300 days!

VDANEN: herc54, Yes, a cable modem should be nothing more than plugging it into an ethernet card and telling Linux to use DHCP

herc54: Thanks

JLWALLEN: With nearly all Linux apps the upgrades are fast and cheap (free most of the time) and the upgrades are so much more stable and simple than MS upgrades…and you don’t have to reboot (unless you’re upgrading a kernel)

MIKKILUSA: Heheh cube never misses a beat but is preset up and pretty simple just fire up the browser set a DNCP address and boom off it goes

JLWALLEN: I’ll warn you about cable modems however. with insight’s @home service DHCP doesn’t want to work

VDANEN: HUEVOS, The only thing I use Windows for is Quicken (for internet banking) and to play games like Need for Speed, Ultima Online, and so forth. I do plan on buying some of the newer games from LokiSoft, but I end up being in Linux for a few days before dual booting into Windows. And the other machines all use Linux with the exclusion of one Win98 computer for my nephews

ROBERT: I’ve found that WebMin is an excellent Webbased admin cgi script.

JLWALLEN: I happen to use Linux only! it’s in my house (the only OS) and at work…integrates darn well.

JLWALLEN: The only thing I can’t do at work is integrate with Outlook but thanks to the Miguel de Icaza and helixcode Evolution is going to change that!

HUEVOS: Sounds interesting to learn

MIKKILUSA: Must be why I call you the Linux King huh jack? hehehe

VDANEN: Jack: It sometimes depends on the DHCP client. I could never get SuSE to behave with SHAW @home, but when I installed the Mandrake dhcpcd RPM under SuSE, it would work. pump doesn’t work well, but dhcpcd works very well (from my experience). So it might be the DHCP client as well as the ISP…

VDANEN: Jack: Yeah, I can’t wait for Evolution… that’ll be very nice!

JLWALLEN: I’ve tried pump, dhcp-client, dhcpcd all with no effect on insight @home

HUEVOS: Is Linux a “must-know” for a Network Admin job today?

VDANEN: HUEVOS, Linux is very interesting to learn… it’s so much fun… you’ll have a blast, honest. and you’ll have the best looking desktop on the block… I promise you! =)

Linux is a must
JLWALLEN: YES! Linux is a must know. you want cheap, simple network security? you want Linux. you want a much better mail server (more reliable and more easily configured) you want sendmail

VDANEN: HUEVOS, I don’t know. I don’t think it is (yet). UNIX might be, but I’m not sure. It would most likely depend on the company and what they use.

HUEVOS: Thanks

MIKKILUSA: Solaris seems to be the main admin must know it seems the admin world

MODERATOR: Holy cats ladies and gents! this one flew by….this is your 5 minute warning! Sorry ladies and gents…we lost connection for a moment. Hey I wanted to post a quick poll if you don’t mind

VDANEN: I was wondering what happened there… Please!

STORM: Fire away!




MIKKILUSA: Seems to be the season census polls etc. Lay it on us!

MODERATOR: I’m trying to get approved a ‘Guild Meeting Cafe’ of sorts. what it would be is a chat room for guests to hang out in after the meetings. Say from 10 to midnight or something


I second the cafe!!!
STORM: Oooh! hey!! I second the motion!!

herc54: Sounds great

VDANEN: I think that would be an excellent idea!

HUEVOS: Sure, either way

MODERATOR: If it is successful I’m going to push to have it open sporadically during the week. it would be a sort of water cooler for users to come and ask each other questions. Just wanted to get some feedback!

ONETECH: What is the best Linux for the beginner

MIKKILUSA: I say yes with the side note the dinner awaits me after each meeting meaning I would be back soon after! hehhe

VDANEN: Sounds like a darn good idea to me!

jcadmus: I haven’t “said” much, but a chance to pick some brains could be a BIG help to me.

BACOLE2: That is a good idea.. I could make it occasionally.. I am in EST, but I am up late sometimes.

VDANEN: I’m all for it, that’s for sure

MIKKILUSA: With Linux being the main theme I hope is the one to me that most questions seem to lye

MODERATOR: Well as much as I hate to say this it’s time to end this session….don’t forget the transcript will be up very soon and most of your questions will have been answered there (like the best distro for new users….Red Hat <cough cough>

Learning on Mandrake
STORM: Onetech -> I’m learning on Mandrake,.. it sort of handles the “difficult” config issues…

MODERATOR: So…if you have any questions about Linux please send me a note: jwallen@techrepublic.com If I can’t answer it I know some people who can <vincent cough cough> Don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

STORM: Oh goodness,… vdanen,… my fellow edmontonian! ;^)

VDANEN: Mod: How dare you say Red Hat is the best one! To be quite honest… the best dummy-proof one is Caldera OpenLinux… I’d recommend that to anyone new… otherwise, I’d suggest Mandrake or SuSE


MIKKILUSA: And a big congrats to last month big prizewinner Huevos way to go man!

VDANEN: Storm! Hey! didn’t even notice ya!

MODERATOR:<Insert big congrats>

MODERATOR:<Hugs and other sundry things…keep it clean>

ONETECH: I tried Corel Linux and it was not a pleasant experience

STORM: vdanen -> LOL!! Sorry, been busy getting punted left and right

HUEVOS: Thanks to Mikkil and especially the TechRepublic crew

MIKKILUSA: Thank you Vdanen for a very informative meeting!!!!!!!!!!!

MODERATOR: Guild meeting. Sorry…things got funny there.

HUEVOS: Thanks Vdanen. I learned something

VDANEN: Thanks everyone for making my first meeting as painless as possible! I do appreciate it!

ONETECH: Good night sorry I got here late

MIKKILUSA: And Jwallen for being the Linux King! Night all, see you Thursday, same bat channel.

MODERATOR: Take care everyone return here Thursday at the same time! And don’t forget we now have Friday 2 P.M. est meetings!

Goodnight Guys
VDANEN: /msg STORM: you can snag the transcript from the Web site…

MODERATOR: Good night all! And keep those Linux questions coming our way! Buh bye!

VDANEN: Cya all!

BACOLE2: Are the transcripts easy to find?

MODERATOR: Transcripts are on the same page that you read about the guild Meeting

STORM: Yeah… I know… but I sort of needed the info for a config I’m trying tonight 😉

VDANEN: You’ll have to ask Jack… I don’t think they’re very hard to find though

MODERATOR: When you see the link “join meeting in progress”? That’s the page you’ll find them on. I believe Take care all. Vincent will return I promise. And I think that I’m even hosting a meeting this month on the Linux desktop! Take care everyone. Good night and all that….
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