The rise of ransomware is upon us and it might seem like there is next to nothing you can do. To that I would say au contraire mes amis. There are a few simple steps you can take to avoid getting your data locked up in an encrypted jail.

First off, and this cannot be stressed enough, do not install applications from outside the Google Play Store. Just don’t.

Next, you need to check for updates every day. If there’s an update to either applications or Android, apply them immediately. When new malware is discovered, patches are written and made available. Do not avoid this.

Finally, don’t just assume every website is safe. In fact, the opposite tactic will go a long way to help. You see, certain malware can be forced on your device from a simple, malformed URL. How do you avoid this? If some random person sends you a URL, don’t click it. In fact, your best bet is to limit your Android web browsing to trusted sites only. If you do find an unfamiliar URL you want to visit, you can always check sites like Malware Domain List to find out if a domain is listed as a known offender of ransomware, phishing, or other attacks.

Keeping your android device safe from malware isn’t a sure thing, but by doing these three things, you’re ahead of the game. Use your device wisely to keep your data safe.

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