Microsoft introduced the My Documents folder in Windows to
simplify access to user documents and provide an easy way to organize those
documents. One way that Windows 2000 Professional users can maximize the
benefit of My Documents is to create an organized and logical folder structure
within My Documents to hold the various types of documents you work with on a
regular basis. Shortcuts offer another way to maximize the usefulness of My

For example, if you use one or more network folders frequently,
add a shortcut to the remote folder in My Documents. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to right-drag the folder to My
Documents and choose Create Shortcut(s) Here. Or, right-click in My
Documents and choose New | Shortcut. In the Create Shortcut Wizard, enter the
UNC path to the remote folder.

You can also create shortcuts in My Documents to other local
folders. For example, you might use a folder on a different local drive to
store frequently used files. Simply add the shortcut to these folders using the
same method as for network folders.

Finally, keep in mind that you can create folder shortcuts
anywhere they are useful to you—not just in My Documents. If you use a program
that doesn’t default to My Documents as its primary storage location, create
shortcuts in the default location to point to My Documents or any other folders
you need to use on a regular basis.

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