We had our first Winter Storm WARNING (!!!) of the season a

couple of weeks ago and as predictions escalated (1 to 3 inches, no wait: 4 to

6 inches…), the stores were overrun with frantic folks stocking up on pork

rinds and snow shovels. The local TV stations could run the same archival

B-roll year after year (and for all I know, they do): jammed-up parking lots,

store-length lines, triumphant consumers bearing away the last shovel on the

shelf. But here’s the puzzling thing: What did all these people do with last

year’s shovel? Please, if you have a theory, clue me in.

Anyway, here comes the awesome segue. I don’t know where I

come up with them, I really don’t. But let’s talk for a minute about Word’s AutoText

feature. (Bear with me.) AutoText is like the shovel you can REUSE the next

time it snows, and the time after that, and maybe even for something other than

snow. AutoText lets you create and store text and graphics so that you can

insert it in a document with a few keystrokes. But as practical as this feature

is, many users have never learned to take advantage of it. So I created a short picture

tutorial that steps through the process of creating and using AutoText entries.

It’s worth sharing with your Word users, especially the chronic shovel buyers.