Since this is Handheld week at TechRepublic, I scouted the Web to see what was worth citing for users of little computers. I found plenty of resources—so many that I can only list a few.

Software from P to CE
Want some software but don’t want to spend hours searching a big site? is exactly what its name implies—a quick, efficient shareware site. Here you’ll find software for Palm and WinCE devices, as well as for Mac and PC platforms. They’ve pared their Web pages down to a concise nav bar, a brief description of software with a download link, one banner ad, and one small icon for You’ll never need a site map, and you’ll never be lost in information overload. Finally, a site designed to trim the excess, just like a Palm computer.

Another place you might want to check out is Tucows’ PDAcentral . The well-organized shareware collection has areas for all types of little machines. Or, for WinCE users only, try CEcity . Devoted Palm users might like to try EuroCool , which boasts of over 1,200 software programs.

Read all about… everything
Want something to read on your handheld device during commutes, conferences, or endless meetings? MemoWare will slake your thirst for any kind of text. Do you like horror, for example? Download The Fall of the House of Usher or Frankenstein in Doc format. Need some computer references? You could download a list of recommended patches for Novell NetWare or a list of cgi environmental variables—just a few items you’ll find in an enormous document database.

All those docs and no way to read them
Desktops and laptop users never have to feel left out again. Just install Docview (freeware) from Mike’s Palm Sized PCs site. While you’re there, browse the chaotic, but deep list of software appropriate for all kinds of pint-sized black boxes.

When you want to join a discussion or get opinions from fellow handheld users, try these newsgroups: alt.comp.sys.palmtops.pilot, comp.sys.handhelds, comp.sys.palmtops, comp.sys.palmtops.pilot, and comp.sys.pen.

And that’s what I’ve seen worth citing this week.

—Mike Jackman

Let me know what you’ve found interesting on the Web, in newsgroups, or at any other tech-oriented spot and I’ll consider it for future Site-ings columns. E-mail with your Site-ings.