Many professional organizations not only provide benefits for their members, but they also maintain Web sites with numerous resources available to the public. During this week’s Web review, I found sites with valuable features developed by organizations for trainers and system administrators.

Training resources
The Information Technology Training Association (ITTA) is the trade group for professionals and companies in the IT training industry. Since 1994, ITTA has assumed a leadership role in legislative efforts, professional development, and the creation of industry standards. The organization’s Web site includes not only an events calendar but also a resource library with white papers and other materials from conferences.

Look in the site’s Industry News area for press releases, headline news, articles from the association’s newsletters, and links to other sources of training news. The Legislative Action area is the place to learn about Washington initiatives affecting the IT industry.

The site also hosts the ITTA ChatWorld & Discussion Groups. ChatWorld is open only to members, but the Discussion Groups are available to visitors willing to register. Three groups are available: Training, Certified Technical Trainer, and Sales and Marketing. The site’s Industry Links section lists local training organizations by state as well as other sites with training information.

One of the other sites is the online home of The MASIECenter , an organization in Saratoga Springs, NY, which explores the intersection of learning and technology. The MASIE site offers an e-mail newsletter, TechLearn Trends, as well as an archive of past articles.

MASIE’s Articles & Resources section includes RealAudio briefings and interviews, a bibliography of reference materials on learning styles, and links to other training resources. Look in the MASIE Center Knowledgebase for articles with titles such as “Blending training, learning & intranets,” “Re-tooling the trainer,” and “Advice for designers of online learning.”

Admin resources
The mission of the System Administrators Guild (SAGE) is “to advance the status of computer system administration as a profession, establish standards of professional excellence and recognize those who attain them, develop guidelines for improving the technical and managerial capabilities of members of the profession, and promote activities that advance the state of the art or the community.”

SAGE’s Website is designed to help the organization fulfill its mission by offering not only details on job descriptions and salary profiles but also such resources as newsletter articles, a calendar of admin events, and a Speakers Bureau where you can either search for a speaker or sign up to become one.

Another SAGE page includes a comprehensive listing of the organization’s local chapters and links to their sites. (Because SAGE is a special technical group of the USENIX Association, you must be a member of USENIX to join SAGE).

The SAGE site’s Sysadmin’s Corner offers a collection of miscellaneous information that includes conference material, bibliographies, mailing lists, and links to other Web pages for admins.

And that’s what I’ve seen worth citing this week.

Thomas Pack is a freelance information technology reporter.