By Nilesh Talaviya

Market research company eMarketer
predicts that mobile videos will become more dominant. This indicates that videos will also become increasingly popular with mobile
device users. People no longer have to rely on PCs or laptops to watch instructional videos. So, enterprises are now creating their own videos for mobile devices. With that in mind, here are six useful tips
that will help you create top-quality videos for your customers.

1. High quality audio

Videos without good sound quality will
annoy your viewers. While making videos, pay close attention to voice clarity.
You can set the microphone level to maximum while recording audio. The best
option is to find a soundproof area that will eliminate background noises,
which can be very distracting. Alternatively, you can record three or four clippings and then select the clipping with maximum clarity.

2. Select relevant size

Since videos undergo buffering, it’s
best to keep them within relevant size. There are other reasons too. First of
all, keeping videos small will make it easier for viewers to download them from
Internet. Small videos can also easily fit onto SD cards. You’ll have to
adjust the frame rate and audio tracks to make a video as small as possible
without affecting its content. Sometimes, problems regarding the length and size
arise when you’re creating informational videos, because you can’t omit crucial steps or procedures. When this happens, consider making a small video series instead of
one long video.

3. Format the video

Formatting is another important step when creating a successful video. Most media players in mobile devices
support a wide range of formats, but you shouldn’t take any chances. Support for the
same format also enables end users to edit videos successfully. Before
uploading your video, ensure that it supports all popular formats, including MPEG, AVI,
MP3 and MP4. However, choices can be narrowed if you’re targeting specific mobile devices and platforms.

4. Keep important annotations

Since smartphones and tablets have
smaller screens than PC monitors, you can’t afford to include every single
piece of information in a mobile video. At the same time, you can’t leave out important text. So, keep only important annotations and links in your videos. At the
same time, you need to make sure that the text isn’t too small. The best way to
decide this is to watch the video and see whether or not the text is putting too much strain on your eyes.

5. Make videos responsive

HD FLV players have become popular with mobile devices users. A big reason for this is that these players
have built-in support for responsive videos. Responsive content is highly
preferred by users. Hence, you should make
your videos with quality content and high responsiveness to
make a lasting impression on end users.

6. Create content for the masses

Another big reason
why most mobile device users prefer HD FLV players is because these players
come with socializing options and makes sharing easy. You’ll have a greater chance of your videos going viral, which means that you need to keep them free from controversy. Don’t use inappropriate or abusive content to gain attention.
Try to create videos with global content that is free from gender, age, or
any other sort of controversial exceptions.

Wrapping up

Videos are great ways
of interacting with users, and mobile devices have facilitated this interaction
by bringing the Internet and media right into the palms of users. Good videos for
mobile devices will not only entice users, but they will also improve your reputation.
With the help of these tips, you can create quality videos to effectively
convey your messages to your customers.

Nilesh Talaviya works with Cygnet Infotech, a leading Enterprise Mobile
App Development Company based in India. You can follow Nilesh @NilTalaviya.