Flaming Moes and DuffAny true Simpsons fan who enjoys a good cocktail upon occasion has dreamt of one day drinking a can of Duff beer, the official beer of Springfield. More effete Homer-o-philes might eschew a pedestrian drink such as Duff for the more sophisticated cocktail, the Flaming Moe, the signature beverage of Moe’s Tavern. Well, the dream is now a reality…sorta.

There’s two roads leading to Duff-dom. The easy way is to go to any Universal Studios theme park gift shop (or eBay) and grab a Duff or Flaming Moe, as pictured at the left. Sadly, these are mere non-alcoholic energy drinks made to merely look like the true Simpson’s icons.

The hard way involves a trip to England and/or some daring mixology. There is a real Duff Beer, as brewed by Daleside brewery of England. Duff, you see, is Gaelic for dark, so Daleside can legitimately brew a duff beer. Whether they can brew a Duff beer — to say nothing of its Duff blonde — is a matter for 20th Century Fox’s lawyers to sort out. So far as the Flaming Moe, the WikiBartender site has concocted a recipe for a Flaming Moe, though it’s of dubious legality for commercial pubs. Not only does it contain four kinds of alcohol, but it also calls for two teaspoons of grape cough syrup (though if it is served in the traditional manner — on fire — the octane rating should go down a bit). You’ve been warned.

(Found in part via Required Eating.)