Microsoft will be releasing another six updates for Windows this coming “patch” Tuesday, July 10, according to its advanced notification for the July 2007 security bulletin.

In it, Microsoft describes three of the six updates as critical, meaning they could result in remote code execution. They involve fixes for Microsoft Excel, Windows, and one for the .NET Framework respectively.

Of the remaining three updates, two are rated “important,” affecting Publisher and Windows XP Professional. The final one affects Windows Vista and has the potential to result in information disclosure. Several other non-security related updates will also be released together.

Perhaps what struck me this time around is the fact that critical updates are still (needed) being released for Windows XP, which is — by all means — a very mature OS.

If going by the thinking that it is impossible to ever fix all the bugs and vulnerabilities in an OS, then logically it would be foolhardy to even use products for which the vendor has discontinued support.

Do any of you still use Win95 or Win98 at home or in the office? Why do you do so, and what kind of precautions do you take? Join the discussion.