Six video podcasts to help you ace Photoshop

Mastering Photoshop and other image manipulation programs can be a handy addition to your toolbox of skills as an IT pro. Get started with these engaging (and free) video podcasts.

Mastering Photoshop and other image manipulation programs can be a handy addition to your toolbox of skills as an IT pro.

Traditionally, learning a new technical skill like a programming language or getting a grip of a complex tool like Photohop required buying a 500-page reference manual as a primer and probably taking a short course or two. Within the past couple of years this has changed considerably. With engaging mediums such as online video, audio, community sites and Web search engines at the tip of your fingers -- the network is the resource.

Video podcasting is a captivating medium to learn design and image manipulation techniques. With new videos being updated regularly, they are also a great way to learn the basics, progress at your own speed, and keep on top of the latest trends.

Here are six free, quality video podcasts focused solely on Adobe's Photoshop toolset.

Adobe Creative Suite Podcast with Terry White
Updated roughly once a week, the host of the show, Terry White, takes a look at the latest skills for Photoshop and Illustrator. White has written several books on Adobe and Mac products and his video tutorials are thorough.

Photoshop User TV
Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski, and Scott Kelby collectively call themselves "the photoshop guys" and host a weekly program called Photoshop User TV. The program is a professional show giving readers the latest tutorials, tips, interviews, and news. While the news and interviews won't be interesting to everyone the hands-on tips certainly are.

Photoshop Quick Tips
Justin Seeley is an Adobe Certified Photoshop expert and trainer who has published over 70 podcasts on how to use Photoshop. While Seeley hasn't uploaded a new podcast in a month there is a large archive of content to sink your teeth into.

Pixel Perfect with Bert Monroy
Once a week Bert Monroy serves up new video podcast with hot tips for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The tips vary in complexity but are professionally presented and cut. Below is an example of Monroy's work.

The Russell Brown Show
Russell Brown, or Dr Brown as he calls himself, has a plethora of Photoshop video tutorials. The good doctor's videos lean more towards seasoned to advanced Photoshop users but there are a few easy-to-follow 101 lessons in the mix as well.

Understanding Adobe Photoshop0
Richard Harrington is a certified instructor for Adobe, Apple, and Avid who has over 100 online videos to help you learn Photoshop. While the tutorials and tips focus on features and tools, Harrington looks to cover the specific skills and techniques needed to make you more productive.