When searching for a job, professionals consider the company size to be a major deciding factor, according to an Indeed report released on Thursday. The US is dominated by small businesses, with 98% of firms having less than 100 employees, medium-sized firms (100 to 999 employees) comprising about 2% of US companies, and large firms (1,000 or more employees) only making up 0.2% of organizations.

However, when looking at the distribution of employment across the country, large companies employ nearly half the population (46%), followed by small companies (35%), and then medium-sized companies (20%), the report found.

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The report surveyed 1,000 tech workers to determine what size companies they prefer working for, and the factors that contribute to that decision. While medium-sized organizations employ the fewest workers nationwide, it is the most preferred size company among tech workers (44%), the report found.

Those who preferred working for mid-sized organizations cited job stability as the biggest reason. Employees who chose mid-sized companies also said that diversity and giving back to the community are important factors for them, indicating that mid-sized companies should appeal to those priorities when trying to hire tech talent, according to the report.

Tech workers who seek large companies most often do so because of the benefits and higher salary, the report found. With tech talent in high demand and the US unemployment nate nearing a record low, large organizations should take these factors into account.

Employees who prefer smaller organizations often feel like their work has a bigger or more meaningful impact than it would at a bigger company, the report found. Professionals who move from bigger to smaller companies said they have felt more appreciated and recognized by others.

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