Skype for Windows 10 recently dropped the preview label for all users, introducing a few core updates in the process. Users will find updates to messaging, calling, group video and more, as well as support for SMS messages using Skype credit.

While Microsoft didn’t plan a formal release, the changes were noted on the support page, as reported by Windows Central. The official version is Skype 11.13.133, and it was pushed on April 10, 2017.

For professional users, the improvements to messaging are key. Skype credit will buy you the ability to send an SMS message, but the searchable chats and new keyboard shortcuts could help improve productivity when communicating over Skype.

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Contacts have been a sore subject with some users, who’ve seen overlap between the Skype and People apps. According to the changelog, the latest update simplifies the way Skype connects with the People app and could address these concerns.

“Skype will display the number of mutual contacts you share, making it easier to find the right people,” the support page said. “You can always opt out of this setting by updating your profile for People Search and Suggestions.”

Group video calling is getting redesigned as well, with a new view that is supposed to bring “everyone even closer together,” the page said. This could make Skype a more valid option for businesses who run other Microsoft products and wish to use it as conference call software.

Additionally, the support page noted, users who use Skype to call will gain the ability to switch their microphone or camera, or jump over to a new device during a call.

Users can download the newest version of Skype through the Microsoft store here.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Skype for Windows 10 is out of preview for all users, bringing updates to messaging, contacts, and more.
  2. Chats will now be searchable, and new keyboard shortcuts will help users improve productivity in the app.
  3. Users calling on Skype will gain the ability to switch their microphone or camera, or jump over to a new device during a call.