According to the latest news on the Skype Heartbeat Blog, the situation continues to improve. It seems like the sign-on problems have been resolved, though it might still take a few more hours yet for Skype presence and chat features to be fully operational.

Quote from the latest entry:

If you are one of the minority who may still be experiencing problems, please be patient. You do not need to adjust or restart your computer. Skype will start working for you very soon.

We will issue a further update when we know that Skype is functioning normally, or if there is further material news.

The dust has yet to settle, so it might be a while yet before we start to know the extent of the disruptions on its user base.

But based on the anecdotal feedback of my friends and TechRepublic readers, Skype appears to have a core of users who rely on it for day-to-day work. These folks are taking the disruptions very hard.

Stay tuned, and we will update you when more information comes in.