Slack made a move to improve business workflows on its platform Tuesday, announcing the launch of interactive drop-down menus called message menus that gives users a set of static or dynamic responses to a task.

In a Medium post explaining the new feature, Slack said that “more nuanced decision-making” often cannot be accomplished with a simple button or slash command. As such, the company launched message menus to give users more options to complete an entire workflow in Slack.

Currently, the post said, companies using Slack can create static menus, user menus, channel menus, conversation menus, and live menus–each offering different types of responses for end users. Static menus allow users to create a drop-down with a standard set of responses, live menus load dynamic responses, user menus present team members, conversation menus show all channels and DMs, and channel menus offer public Slack channels.

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One of the goals of message menus is to simplify user interaction with large data sets within the company, the post said. By doing so, it hopes to make multi-step processes easier on the Slack platform.

“Because your app can also populate menu options dynamically, you can give people options unique to their preferences or permissions level,” the post said. “Depending on whether the user is a hiring manager or a recruiter, for example, an applicant tracking app could list different actions to take on an incoming job application.”

Message menus are already being used by 16 apps in the Slack App Directory, and the post offered a few examples of the different types of menus and how they’re being used.

One static menu option, shown by the company Troops, allows users to move sales deals from “qualified” to “engaged,” and will subsequently make a similar update in Salesforce to move the deal further down the pipeline. In OpsGenie’s Slack app, user menus are leveraged to assign support tickets or incidents to the proper employee, along with additional notes and comments, the post said. Another example, Polly, uses the channel menu to run polls in Slack.

More information on how to build interactive message in Slack can be found here. Slack has also provided a new module for Node.js and some best practices on GitHub.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Slack has launched message menus, a new feature that allows for clickable drop-down menus to be added to messages to improve workflows on the platform.
  2. The message menus can offer static or dynamic options for users, and can be used to create polls, assign tasks, and more.
  3. Options in the message menus can also be customized to reflect permissions of the user involved, making the options more relevant.