It’s a slow

weekend in computer security but I am fortunate to be living in a state with a

great political dog and pony show this year.

Usually I have to wait for

presidential election years to get my entertainment in the political arena but I live in PA,

and the incumbent governor has been pushing improved education while trying to use

gambling to take some of the burden of paying for it off farmers and old folks who own

their own homes – he wants to use slot machine revenue to cut school property taxes.

If/When this scheme

gets up and running it should provide a big boost for education in the state –

people love to gamble so we’ll have lots of money to fund textbooks which aren’t

a decade old and we might even be able to aford a few more teachers who know more about computers than their own 3rd graders.

Also, of course, successful

gambling requires basic math skills so we should see more kids doing a bit of

homework, possibly even encouraged by their parents.

Gambling will revitalize education in PA!

But the governor

is running for reelection neck and neck with someone whose mainqualification for high office

seems to be that he played pro football.


Swan is doing especially well in this area.

Of course many of

my neighbors, especially the school kids, troop out to worship a marmot every

February second, so is it any wonder they think being a football “hero”

qualifies someone to run a large state?

When you hear

reporters bemoaning the sad state of politics (as they do every election year) remember

that we actually find it extremely entertaining.

As a former Washington reporter my motto has always been:

“All politicians lie; some

of them steal too!”

I’ve only been proven wrong a few times.