Well, I’m going to do

it. I’m officially writing a book. I’ve got the publisher. I’ve got the

topic. And now I’ve got a deadline.

I’ll write more about the

book over time but in the short term, that means that time I would

normally spend blogging and answering questions on the oracle-sql-l

list will be spent writing the book.

I will still post and I

will do my best to keep up with comments. It will just have to be less

frequently than it has been. I’ll miss that. I have really been having

fun. But I think I will also enjoy writing the book and it’s a huge

challenge to meet. This is a personal goal that I have had for a very

long time. I think I’m ready for it. Heck, I better be!

See an overview of EnterpriseDB: The Definitive Reference.

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