Your phone is dirty… filthy even. I don’t know how you stand to hold it, or even look at it. But don’t worry, if you have an LG G3, you’ve got a handy, built-in cleaning service called Smart Cleaning.

But just how smart is Smart Cleaning? Let’s find out.

Essentially, Smart Cleaning takes care of three things:

  • Temporary files
  • The Download folder
  • Idle apps

Smart Cleaning does a great job of highlighting each. All you have to do is tap the category you want to deal with, select which entries to clean, and tap the Clean button. Smart Cleaning takes care of the rest.

One feature power users will really appreciate is the Idle Apps. If you’re like me, you go through a lot of Android apps. Those apps, when forgotten, take up a lot of precious space. Smart Cleaning keeps track of applications that you haven’t used for more than a month — it’s your phone’s way of saying “Hey, why don’t you get rid of this junk!” With Smart Cleaning, you can batch remove every one of those unused apps with just a few taps.

You don’t have to let your LG G3 fill up with unnecessary files and apps. With just a few taps, Smart Cleaning can keep your phone fresh and clean.