Image: Amazon

Crowdfunding companies a la Kickstarter and Indiegogo are a popular way for people to throw some green behind innovative products with hopes of receiving early access if and when a product comes to fruition. With a pair of new programs called Build It and Day 1 Editions, Amazon is taking a similar approach to bringing all-new solutions to market. So how does Amazon Build It work and what products has the program churned out so far?

“Obsession over you—our customer—has always been at the core of everything we do,” reads an Amazon press release about the programs.

“We obsess over how our devices can add value to your life—whether that’s helping you stay connected with friends and family, keeping you entertained and organized, or making your day a little easier. You have always played a critical role in helping us decide what products to build, which is why we launched Day 1 Editions,” the release continues.

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Day 1 Editions: Amazon Build It

On Feb. 17, Amazon introduced Amazon Build It and the Day 1 Edition programs and has since announced a number of concept innovations. People essentially choose the fate of these gadgets and gizmos by choosing to pre-order or declining the option. Those who supported the product by pre-ordering the item will be at the front of the line for shipments “if a concept reaches its pre-order goal in 30 days” and is subsequently built, Amazon explained.

By choosing to pre-order a product, supporters will also “lock in a special price,” Amazon said, and are only charged if the gadget ships; conversely, if a project does not hit this initial goal, it isn’t manufactured and pre-ordering supporters are not charged.

So far the program has presented three potential smart products for pre-ordering and this includes a Cuckoo Clock, Nutrition Scale and a Sticky Note Printer all of which are compatible with Alexa.

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The Cuckoo Clock’s latent potential will not be realized at this time as the product only met 59% of its pre-order goal deadline. The Nutritional Scale only met 61% of its pre-order goal and will not be built.

With an onslaught of initial support, the Smart Sticky Note Printer did meet its pre-order goal with an onslaught of initial support. In fact, the printer hit its goal in three days, Amazon explained, and will be built with shipping estimated to begin “between July and September.”

“Using voice-to-print technology, this hands-free smart sticky note printer that works with Alexa makes it easy to print your shopping lists, to-do lists, reminders, and calendar events, or fun items like puzzles—all you have to do is ask,” the release said.

Amazon also said that the device uses “thermal technology” and “never needs ink or toner, and paper rolls are easy to refill.”