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Sneak peek at Tech.Ed 06

In this picture gallery we take a look behind the scenes at Tech.Ed 06.

Builder AU takes you inside TechEd and shows you what to expect at the largest developer education event in Australia, happening this week in Sydney

Come tomorrow over 2000 people will go through this hall

Lines of machines adorn the hands-on labs that participants will be working in

Stuck? RTFM

What goodies lurk inside the bags this year?

A copy of Vista Beta 2, Office 2007 Beta 2, a large coffee mug and the usual assortment of marketing material

Let's face it, this will be one of the more popular areas of TechEd - where you can meet Brad the "super gamer".

Xbox + Beanbags . Do they really want developers to attend the sessions?

The XBox 360 Sandman? It definitly looks that way but we doubt it will gain the same notoriety as it did in the 1970's.

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