Hashtags — they’re everything from an obnoxious pop culture reference to an inescapable method of categorizing and branding on social media. If you’re interested in going past the pound sign, we can help you out.

Here are 4 tools online that can help you track and understand hashtags better.

First up is Hashtagify.me. It’s a visual search that lets you see a whole web of related hashtags, as well as stats on popularity and usage patterns.

Second is Hashtracking. Hashtracking’s charts and graphs present analytics on hashtags including the most influential Twitter users and the hashtag’s reach.

Third is RiteTag. Ever wonder how effective your hashtags are? RiteTag will tell you through color coded ratings like great or overused.

And fourth, is Tagdef. The handy thing about Tadef is if you don’t know what a hashtag means, you can look it up. It’s great for curiosity, even better avoiding hashtag misuse, especially if you’re a brand.

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